To date, we have a roster of 31 hard-working and passionate active members belonging to the chapter, surrounded by an excellent Alumni Advisory Board. We strive every day to live by the creed and are always there for each other no matter what. This willingness to go above and beyond for each brother is one of the most important qualities we look for in potential new members. You will find below a list of the active brothers of the Theta Nu chapter of Sigma Pi at the University of Houston.

Erik Fay, Iota Class
Major: National Security
Roles: Sergeant at Arms
Interests: Networking, EDM Concerts

Hugo Soto, Kappa Class
Major: Management Information Systems
Roles: Social Media Coordinator
Interests: Guitar, volunteering at The Children's Music Foundation, and intramural sports

Luis Rodriguez, Kappa Class
Major: Electrical Engineering
Interests: Video games, soccer, and intramural sports.

Curtis Fikac, Lambda Class
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Role: President
Interests: Fire, knives, carpentry, and reverse engineering.

Brian Bancroft, Lambda Class
Major: Accounting
Role: Treasurer
Interests: Handyman work, hookah, and riding his motorcycle.

Ryan Johnson, Mu Class
Major: Sociology
Role: Frontier Fiesta and Homecoming Committee Chairman
Interests: Playing basketball, and hip-hop dancing.

Matthew Estrada, Mu Class
Major: Public Relations (Honors College)
Role: Sorority Relations
Interests: Dallas Teams, Madden, and Tailgating.

Julio Garcia, Mu Class
Major: Computer Information Systems
Role: Intramurals Committee Chairman
Interests: Houston Rockets, Soccer, and Intramural Sports.

Elliot Kudisch, Mu Class
Majors: Political Science and Spanish
Role: Philanthropy Committee Chairman
Interests: Latin American development, International Relations, and intramural sports.
Campus Positions: President of the National Security Organization at the University of Houston

Ayaz Nidar, Mu Class
Major: Management Information Systems
Role: Brotherhood Committee Member
Interests: Liverpool FC, Intramural Sports, and Playing Guitar.

Che Robinson, Nu Class
Major: Chemical Engineering
Role: New Member Educator
Interests: Sigma Pi, Working Out, and hanging out with brothers.

Adrian Jordan, Nu Class
Major: Graphic Design
Role: Herald
Interests: Art, cigars, and enjoying the company of brotherhood.

Said Jalajal, Nu Class
Major: Accounting
Role: ACE Committee Chairman
Interests: Video games and intramural sports.
Campus Positions: SGA Coordinator

Yanni Desai, Xi Class
Major: Biochemistry (Pre-med)
Role: Secretary
Interests: Music, science, and working out

Shannon Holt, Xi Class
Major: Wine and Spirits
Role: Vice President
Interests: Hospitality, fine spirits, and sports.

Rogelio Reyna, Xi Class
Major: Finance
Role: ACE Committee Member
Interests: Brotherhood.

Jose Munoz, Xi Class
Majors: Finance (Pre-med)
Role: Social Committee Member 
Interests: International relations, debating.

AJ Padilla, Beta Rho at Arkansas State
Major: Political Science
Role: Recruitment (Rush) Chair
Interests: Sigma Pi

Gabe Bargas, Omicron Class
Major: Business Administration
Role: Active
Interests: Cars, DJ Mixing

Domonique Champion, Omicron Class
Major: Performance Arts
Role: Judicial Board Member
Interests: Acting, SGA
Campus Positions: Senator For CLASS

David Gaitan, Omicron Class
Major: Petroleum Engineering
Role: Active
Interests: Music, Working out

Richard Hanson, Omicron Class
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Role: Active
Interests: Studying, Computers, Music

Chris Holly, Omicron Class
Major: Business
Role: Active
Interests: Guns, Professional Development

Nicolas Huerta, Omicron Class
Major: Economics
Role: Social Chair, Judicial Board Member
Interest: Economics, Sigma Pi, Sports, Fishing, Eating, 
Campus Positions: Program Manager for the Students Economics Society

Blake Losure, Omicron Class
Major: Political Science
Role: Captain of the Floor Hockey Team
Interests: Sailing, Sigma Pi, Sports
Campus Positions: Notable Academics/Influence 

Joel Araujo, Pi Class
Major: Fashion Design & Merchandising
Role: J.I

Enrique Banda, Pi Class
Major: Finance
Role: J.I

Brandon Blue, Pi Class
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Role: J.I
Interests: Intramural sports, Frontier Fiesta
Campus Positions: Frontier Fiesta Coordinator

Zachary Maher, Pi Class
Major: Public Relations
Role: J.I

Jorge Ramirez, Pi Class
Major: Managing Information Systems
Role: J.I
Interests: Texas

Robert Spencer, Pi Class
Major: Economics
Role: J.I
Interests: Stock Trading

Are you new at the University of Houston? are you looking for a place to fit in? do you want to get to have fun without sacrificing your academic and professional life? Ask one of our Brothers how you can become one of us!